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Andalay is now Westinghouse Solar!
Distributed in Canada exclusively by Highland Solar,
this system meets the 2010 Ontario microFIT provincial content requirements.



Which system would you prefer to have on your property?

                         Westinghouse Solar                                                               Ordinary Solar
Which system would you prefer to install?

Still not convinced, see what Popular Mechanics had to say and watch the video...

Popular Mechanics named Andalay AC Solar PV Panel one of the 10 Most Brilliant Products of 2009.


                  Installation Video 

Please call for more information.
416-619-0112              416-619-0112      

Andalay AC Module Advantages:

  • Superior Aesthetics - all black, low profile
  • Industry leading warranty
    • Modules - 12 year / 90%, 25 year / 80%
    • Inverters - 15 years 
  • Meets Ontario FIT provincial content requirements
  • 3 months free monitoring with the purchase of the Envoy unit. 
  • A safer installation
    • No high voltage DC
    • Less parts to assemble on the roof
    • No individual bonding of modules required
    • No wiring necessary other than final connections
  • Reduced design effort and cost
    • String sizing and DC wire sizing not necessary
    • Panels may face different directions and/or tilt angles
    • Some shading is now permissible with AC modules
  • Installs in a fraction of the time of ordinary systems
    • 80% few components, less frustration and delay
  • Increased power generation, 5-25% more than standard inverter systems
    • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) at each solar module
    • Module mis-match has no impact on system performance
    • Obstruction shading and debris have far less impact on total power production
    • More power means more money from the Feed-In Tariff 
  • Increase reliability
    • Traditional inverters can become a single point of failure for the system
    • If a micro-inverter fails, the rest of the system continues to generate power
    • Enphase Energy Micro-Inverters have an estimated Mean Time Between Failure of 331 years

Please call for more information.
416-619-0112              416-619-0112      

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