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In the simplest terms, solar power generation requires the following:

  • Solar panels are mounted on your roof.
  • The panels are connected to an inverter.
  • The inverter’s output is connected to the incoming supply of electricity for your property.

  • Solar power generation helps to preserve our environment.
  • It is a renewable and non-polluting source of energy.
  • A typical 3 kW PV system can reduce carbon emissions by more than 2000 kgs each year.
  • PV panels have performance guarantees of 25 years and life expectancies of up to 40 years or more.  That is a significant amount of carbon avoidance over the life of the system.
  • PV systems have no moving parts and as a result are silent and require only minimal maintenance.
  • Your energy cost are reduced over the entire life of the system, minimizing the impact of rising electricity costs.
  • Additional rebates, tax incentives, and premiums such as Feed-In Tariffs add to your return on investment.
  • The reduced operating costs and green appeal of your property will increase its resale value.

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